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Area 51 CHEATS


Control Boss:

Play the first level and shoot nothing except the three

STAAR members. Now the game should restart and you'll

be controlling the alien boss.

Shotgun Cheat:

Pause the game and press:

T, S, T, Left+R1 to start with a shotgun.

Kronn Hunter

To become a Kronn Hunter, shoot the first three humans you see and nothing

else. This enables you to start from inside the building, which is filled

with weird colors.

Submitted by No Fear64

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Lives p1

$865C30C8 5955

Infinite health p1

$865C30C0 5964

Infinite credits p1

$865CF014 5961

Infinite ammo p1

$865C309C 5962

Infinite grenades p1

$865C30A0 5959

P1 has auto shot gun

$865C30AC 595B

Infinite Lives p2

$865C2D74 5955

Infinite health p2

$865C2D6C 5964

Infinite credits p2

$865CF012 5961

Infinite ammo p2

$865C3048 5962

Infinite grenades p2

$865C304C 5959

P2 has auto shot gun

$865C2D58 595B