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Battle Arena Toshinden CHEATS


Play as Gala

Reset and press START to skip the game's introduction.

This prompts the words: 1P GAME, vs HUMAN, VS

COMPUTER and OPTIONS. While they slide on, quickly

enter down, down-left, left, weak slash on Pad1.

If FIGHT! appears on the screen you know you have been


Now at the character select screen highlight Eiji, hold up and press

any attack button.

Secret Character Sho

Play the game on Hard or Very hard difficulty

and win every battle without continuing and you

will be able to select a secret character known as Sho.


Enter in the code as above, but then return to the menu and

let the demo roll, and then press START on Pad1. Then

when the options slide in enter:

left, right, left, right, left, weak slash with Pad2.

Again, FIGHT! will appear to confirm this.

In Character select hold down and press any attack button.

Instant Special moves:

After entering the above codes, wait until the game switches

to demo mode and sit through the whole thing until the title

screen comes up again. As the text starts flowing in press

Down+Left+Weak kick n Pad1. You should hear a voice

say 'Fantastic' and the option text turn white.

Then go to options and change your controller so that your

shoulder buttons allow you to do special moves.

If in a fight you press all your shoulder buttons together,

with Select, you'll unleash a mega move. This cheat only

works on Easy and Very easy mode.

Camera options:

Select a control type (such as A2) that does not use any of the shoulder buttons. A camera option labeled "Your Self" will now be available. Return to the control type selection and choose A5-G5. L1, L2, R1, and R2 will now control the camera angles during game play.

Pause the game. Press X + Triangle + Circle + Square + Select. The options menu will disappear, but the camera angles may still be controlled. Press X + Triangle + Circle + Square + Select again. The power bars and scores will disappear. Press L1, L2, R1, or R2 to scroll and zoom.

Set both controller types to "Camera" and remove the power bars using the previous code. While the game remains paused, hold L2 on controller two until the floor disappears. Then, use controller one to resume game play.

Press Select on controller two to advance frame by frame. Set the controller two type to "Camera" to allow it to change camera angles, while using controller one to zoom.

Controller two can be used to set the camera angle to view the fight from below ground level. The floor will be

invisible. This particular camera angle can only be set while the game is paused. Press Start to continue playing using this unique view.

Press X + Triangle + Circle + Square + Select to re-display the options menu; or press Start to play without the energy gauges and scores.

Gameshark Codes:

NTSC/ American codes:

Infinite Health P1


Infinite Time


Select Gaia


Select Sho