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Bloody Roar CHEATS


Big Head mode:

On the character select screen hold L2 and press C to select your fighter.

Big arm type:

Finish with no continues.

Kids Mode:

Hold R2 and press C to select your fighter.

Larger ring:

Choose a fighter and hold L2 and press C to start.

Other Alice costume:

In Time attack mode, beat all the opponents in under 10 minutes.

Additional replay views:

Hold select with your winning strike.

Big stage:

Defeat ten or more in survival mode.

Slant mode:

Finish Time Attack in under 10 minutes. Now use L1 and L2 to move in and out the screen.

Sailor Alice:

Complete witgh Alice on level 6 without continues.

Life Recovery

Defeat the game with Bakuryu on level 4 or above to access regenerating life


Bonus graphics:

Complete the game to look at their ending sequence, and use left and right to shift screens.

For the next, complete the game on level 4 or above with the character:

Smaller Ring Greg

No walls in ring Mitsuko

Invisable walls Fox

Regenerating energy Bakuryu

No energy bars Yugo

Control camera Alice

Psychedelic mode All

Disable lightning Long

No guard mode Gado

Large arms No continues

Afterimage mode All

Gameshark Codes:

European/PAL codes:

Unlimited Energy Player one

$66565758 597E

$1F800198 EA80


$8040801F 1A3C

$98015A37 0000

$40A780EA 1A3C

$00389A40 0070

$1A400000 0000

$04005A27 0800

$40031000 0042

Play as Uriko

$B6555768 5A5A

$16734EDC 5962

NTSC/American codes:

Big Arm Mode P1


Big Arm Mode P2


Big Arm/ Infinite Health P1


Big Arm/ Infinite Health P2


Enable Bonus Options/ Art Gallery


Infinite Health P1


Infinite Health P2