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Choro Q Racing 2 CHEATS


Note: This is an HTML adaptation of the Choro 2 Guide v0.01 authored by Kingpin. Inapplicable material has been omitted.

Main Menu (1 player game):

You have 6 "boxes" that are cars in the main menu.

1.The top left box is Practice - Practice the tracks without other cars.

2.The top middle box is Race - You have tracks to race, and win money to build a better car. When you become third or better on all the tracks available, new tracks will become available. When you have raced them all, Championship/Season Mode becomes available.

3.The top right box is Championship/Season - Race other drivers, and earn points depending what place you finish in the different races.

4.The bottom left box is Car Options - Buy items for your car, paint it, drive around in the city (more on that below) and more.

5.The bottom middle box is Retro - Race all the tracks from Choro Q (the first game). Read below on how to activate this. All the old cool music is there too!

6.The bottom right box is Save and Exit - which is quite easy so I will not explain this.

You can press Triangle at any time here to access your car and change parts on it.

The Town

Drive around and find different shops that become available to you in the Car Options menu. There is quite a lot of stuff to be found and done here. So far I have found:

Three Car Body Shops - Buy a new body for your car for 500G.

Two Car Paint Shops - Paint your car the way you want it.

One Drag Race - Not a shop, but you can race 400M in a straight line

Two Car Part Shops - Buy items for you car, like tires, engines, gears and horns. Note: To active the second shop you have to complete (3rd or better) in the race mode, then it becomes available and you can buy some really neat (and expensive) stuff.

One Obstacle Course - Drive a course without hitting the markers or driving outside the course.

One Part Exchange Shop - Sell off old car parts

One Subway Track - Practice (and activate) the subway track.

Retro mode:

To activate this mode, drive in the town, go to the location of the drag race and hit the gas. Follow the markings in the middle of the road. You will arrive at a square with the "under construction" thing in the middle. Drive straight through that (it is a jump ramp). If you have a fast enough car, you will reach the clock tower at the top, and the mode will activated.

Tire tip:

The first set of tires you can buy (that go to +3) are for driving on cement roads only and are not good for driving on courses with dirt roads. The second set of tires (that go to +2 and have a square in the middle) are for dirt roads.