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Clock Tower CHEATS


Pause (mouse mode):

Move the pointer to the top left corner of the screen and press both mouse buttons simultaneously.

Thanks to Ario for the following:

Hint 1:

The main character is determined by the number of times Harris is spoken

to in the corridor during the Prologue. If he's spoken to two times or

more, then Jennifer becomes the main character.

Hint 2:

If a certain item is not picked up in Scenario 1, then the best ending

won't occur.

Hint 3:

Clicking on things may help you get out of danger. Keep clicking till

you die.

Hint 4:

Endings except Ending E are determined according to how many conditions

were met in the last scenario.

Hint 5:

One extremely important point is, who is asked to investigate the

statue. Don't forget who was asked!

Hint 6:

The pattern of the Star Plate is extremely important. You might want to

write it down.

Hint 7:

If Helen is the protagonist in the last scenario, something must be

dropped down the shaft when deciding which of the three shafts is


Hint 8:

If Jennifer is the protagonist in the last scenario, when she's trying

to escape and runs out onto the 2nd floor terrace, if you click on…

Hint 9:

When carrying the box that can't be opened, you need to do something

fairly drastic to get at the contents.