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Crash Bandicoot CHEATS


Level Codes:

2%: C, S, C, S, C, C, T, S

6%: C, x, S, T, C, S, S, T.

11%: S, S, x, S, S, T, x, T.

13%: x, S, X, C, X, S, T, X.

18%: S, S, T, X, C, C, X, T.

22%: C, S, S, C, C, X, X, X.

27%: X, C, X, C, C, X, S, C.

31%: S, X, T, T, X, S, X, T.

36%: X, C, C, C, X, S, X, S.

38%: S, S, X, T, X, S, C, X.

52%: T, T, C, X, X, S, S, C, S,

T, T, X, X, C, C, S, C, S, T, S, X, X, X, C.

100%: T, T, T, T, X, S, T, T, T, T, S, X, T, C, T, T, T, C, S, T, X, X, X, X.

NB: For the last two, once the first line is completed, two more will appear for you to continue with.

Hidden Debug Menu:

There's also a hidden debug menu which'll let you fiddle about with all sort of in-game goings on, number of lives and the like. To get at it hold Up and Cross together when you see the naughty dog logo screen. Keep them pressed until the Title screen appears and hold left while pressing Square, Circle, Square, Start. Begin a game and pause it. Now press Down then X 26 times then press down again. At this you should hear a pig snorting sound and the game should resume. Now push Select to reveal the menu whenever you fancy