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Dead or Alive CHEATS


Control Posing Camera

When you are posing after a victory you can change the camera angle by pressing a direction on the d-pad and you can zoom in buy pressing L1 and R1.

Alternative Costumes

Reset the options to there default settings and finish the game on tournament mode.

Unlock Raidou

Get all the costumes for all the characters then choose costume 14 for a female character of costume five for a male

character and complete the game under the default settings.

Unlock Ayane

To play as Ayane you have to complete the game with Raidou on the default settings.

Extra Options

After playing the game for three hours five new options will appear under the extra config menu, five more will appear every three hours until the trimer reaches fifteen hours.

Voice Option

Enable the command list option then completet all the moves on training mode to activate the voice option.

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Health Player One

$865DB448 59FA

Infinite Health Player Two

$865DB1A0 59FA

Have Extra Menu

$865DA1E6 D09A

Extra Voices

$365DA89D 594F

$365DA8A3 594F

$365DA8A1 594F

$365DA8A7 594F

$365DA8A5 594F

$365DA8AB 594F

$365DA8A9 594F

$365DA8B3 594F