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Deathtrap Dungeon CHEATS


Level select:

Press L1, R1, Triangle(2), Square, Circle, R1, L1 at the main menu. All levels may now be selected on the "Load Game" screen.

Gameshark Codes:

All spells

$B65E575C 595A

$8662C458 504F

Infinite Health potions

$3662C484 594F

Infinite Antidotes

$3662C488 594F

Infinite strength potions

$3662C48C 594F

Infinite speed potions

$3662C490 594F

Indestructable red sword

$3662C318 594F

Infinate Bombs

$8662C340 504F

Infinite FireTower

$8662C338 504F

Infinite Grenade Launcher

$8662C344 504F

Infinite Blunderbus

$8662C348 504F

Infinite Infernal Device

$8662C34C 504F

Infinite Chalk

$8662C34C 504F

Silver Key

$8662C4B0 5AE0

Red Key

$8662C4B4 5AE0

Gold Key

$8662C4AC 5AE0

Infinite Charms Of Ice Warding

$8662C494 504F

Infinite Warding

$8662C498 504F

Infinite Magic Charms

$8662C49C 504F

Infinite Invisibility

$8662C4A0 504F

Magic Warhammer

$8662C328 5990

Venom Sword

$8662C310 5990

Silver Sword

$8662C31C 5990

Black Spirit Sword

$8662C320 5990


$8662C324 5990