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Die Hard Trilogy CHEATS


Die Hard

For all the cheats, pause the game and hold R2.

Invulnerability: Right, Up, down, S

Max ammo for current weapon: Right, up, Down, Down, S, right.

Gives 50 explosives: Right, S, Down, C

Make blokes fat: Right, S, S, Down.

Make dead blokes fly: Down, S, T, Down.

Reverse controls: Right, S, T, right.

Show Co-ordinates: Left, C, Down, S.

Turn people into skeletons: T (x10) Right (x4)

Silly mode: Down, C, C, Down, T, Down.

Speeds up then slows down voices: Down, S, S, right

Level Skip: Press Down, C, Left, S, Up, S, Left. Then press Start On Pad 2

Screaming plants: C, C, S, S, Right.

Die Harder

For all the cheats, pause the game and hold R2.

Enter Editor mode: Right, Up, Down, S. (If you now press T in game you can change your weapon)

Invulnerability: Down, T, Right, S.

Makes blokes thin: Left, T, Right, Down.

Turns everyone into skeletons: Down, S, T, Down.

Max grenades & Rockets: Right, S, Left, C, T, Down.

Gives blokes Fergus McGovern (Probe's boss) heads: C, Down, Down, S, X, S.

Die Hard With A Vengeance

For all the cheats, pause the game and hold R2

Displays co-ordinates: Right, Up, Down, S.

No Clock/ Level skip: As above and then press Start on Pad2. Now you get a cheat menu, where T will toggle the clock on or off. Move right to advance through the levels. In Game, press C to advance to the next bomb.

Mirror Ornaments: Right, C, Left, Left, S, Down.

Infinite lives: Left, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Right

Gives 999 turbos: C, C, S, S, Down, Down, X, X.

Change Turbo's to launches: C, Right, Down, S, T, Left.

Fat Cars: Left, T, Right, Down.

Floating Fergus McGovern (Probe's boss) heads: C, Down, Down, T, X, S.

Flat Shaded Polygon mode: Down, Up, Left, Left (repeat 3 times).

Extra View: Down, C, Down, C.

Slow motion: Left, Up, Left, Left, S, Down.

Odd Mode: C, Down, Down, S, Right.

Weird buildings: Right, S, Left, T, X, S, Down.

Car Hangar: Right, C, Left, Left, S, Down.

Cloud sky: Down, S, T, Down, S, S, T.

X-Files mode: (Only works on Central Park 1) Pause the game and highlight quit. Then hold R2 and press Right, S, T, Down, X, X, X. A Roswell screen should appear.

Gameshark Codes:

"Die Hard 1"

Unlimited Energy

$86723E9A 596C

$86724032 596C

Unlimited Ammo

$86723E9E 59F1

$86724036 59F1

Always Possess Pistol

$86723EA0 5959

Always Possess Shotgun

$86723EA0 595C

Always Possess Machine gun

$86723EA0 595B

Always Possess Big Machine gun

$86723EA0 5956

Always Possess Rocket Launcher

$86723EA0 5955

Always Possess HUGE machine gun

$86723EA0 5958

Unlimited Grenades

$86723EA4 599A

Extreme Rapid Fire

$B6585788 595A

$16723E9C 595A


"Die Hard 2"

Unlimited bullets any gun

$F65637A0 795A

$8673F74A 5955

Unlimited bullets second gun

$8673F87A 5955

Unlimited Rockets

$865FEC18 5964

Rocket Carnage

$8671956A 595A

Unlimited Lives

$865FEC08 5955


"Die Hard 3"

Unlimited Time

$8671DA53 5995

$8671DF53 5995