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Dragonball GT Final Bout CHEATS


Bonus fighters:

Press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Start at the title screen. The following fighters will appear at the Build mode character selection screen: Super Saiyajin Trunks, Super Saiyajin Seinen Trunks, Super Saiyajin Son Gokuh (Z), Super Saiyajin Son Gokuh (GT), Super Saiyajin Chibi Son Gokuh (GT), and Super Saiyajin Vegetto.

Fight as Super Saiyanjin 4 Son Gokou:

Enable the "Bonus fighters" code, then press Triangle(5), Square(9) at the title screen. Note: For the Japanese version of the game, press Triangle(5), X(9) at the title screen.

Fight as Gotanks:

Complete the game nine times using Trunks under the hardest difficulty level without using any continues. Note: The game may be saved and resumed at any time during this process. Save the game after the ninth completion. Highlight Trunks on the character selection screen and press Select(9). Gotanks will appear in place of Trunks. Save the game to avoid repeating the code.

Wire frame fighters:

Hold Select when choosing a character to fight without texture mapping or shading.

Sound test:

Press L1, L2, R1, R2, Start at the title screen. Press Select after choosing a song to view the lyrics and additional song information.

Alternate costumes:

Select two player or training mode. Then, press Square + X + Circle when choosing a character.

Gameshark Codes:


$865B79D0 5AE2

Full Energy

$865B79CE 5916