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Excalibur 2555 AD CHEATS


Access Level Passwords:

Level 02. triangle, square, x, circle, circle, triangle

Level 03. circle, square, x, circle, circle, triangle

Level 04. square, x, triangle, triangle, x, circle

Level 05. circle, x, circle, triangle, square, x

Level 06. x, circle, triangle, square, circle, circle

Level 07. square, square, circle, circle, x, triangle

Level 08. circle, x, square, triangle, tringle, square

Level 09. triangle, x, triangle, circle, square, triangle

Level 10. triangle, circle, circle, square, triangle, x

Level 11. x, square, square, x, triangle, square

Level 12. circle, triangle, x, circle, square, circle

Level 13. square, triangle, circle, x, x, x

Full Health:

Pause, then press triangle, triangle, triangle, square, square, square, square, square, un-pause

Full Weapon:

Pause, triangle, triangle, square, square, circle, circle, square, square, un-pause

(The full weapon acknowledges it's self on the screen,

but does not seem to make that much of a difference,

the full health on the other hand is very useful!)

Cheat Codes:

Pause the game and then:

Full Health:


Full Sword Power:


Skip Level:


Show collision boxes:


Then select 'Continue' and press 'X' to activate the cheat.

NB Only one can be entered per pause.

Gameshark Codes:

Auto Activation

$F658D928 697B

Unlimited health

$8658DC88 695A

$8658DC86 855C

$8658D928 695A

$8658D926 855C