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Felony 11-79  CHEATS


Secret Vehicles:

Complete the following objectives to unlock the

corresponding vehicle:

SIR/NSR Complete the game under the Easy level.

GTR/BUS Complete game under Medium level

DAM/LIM Complete game under Hard Level.

GTS Complete the game Easy with over $1 million.

ELS " Medium " $2.5 million

360 " Hard " $2.5 million

FD7 " Easy within four minutes

GT1 " Medium "

TAC " Hard "

TRD Break speed limit on freeway of seaside by 60-75 mph.

19A Complete downtown track with no money and damage.

PLC As above on Seaside

TNK as above on Metro.

RC Car Destroy displays on left wall of shopping mall in Metro.

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Time

$865FC586 5A83

No damage

$865D1EF0 595A

Infinite fuel

$865FABAC 604F