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FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup  CHEATS


Unlimited player attributes:

Highlight one of the attributes on the player edit screen, then press L1, L2, X, Square, X. Any or all attributes may now be raised to 99.

Editable bankroll (North American version):

Press Square, X, Square, L2, L1 at the team edit screen. Highlight the money total and press Left or Right to change the total. Note: To accumulate unlimited money easily, press Left until the total passes below zero.

Harder kicks:

Quickly press R1, L1, Down, Up, Left at the team selection screen.

Adjust lighting:

Pause game play and press Square, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle(2), X(2), Square(6), Triangle(5) at the options screen.

Top 20 Club Teams Top 20 World Teams

AC Milan, Italy Brazil
Barcelona, Spain England
Dortmund, Germany Germany
Real Madrid, Spain France
Manchester United, England Italy
Newcastle, England Spain
Athletico Madrid, Spain Netherlands
Juventus, Italy Columbia
Liverpool, England Portugal
Arsenal, England Argentina
Bayern Munich, Germany Switzerland
Ajax, Netherlands Denmark
Chelsea, England Czech Republic
Rangers, Scotlnad Mexico
Inter Milan, Italy Russia
Tottenham, England Bulgaria
Lazio, Italy Croatia
Paris SG, France Romania
Deportivo, Spain Belgium 
Parma, Italy Sweden

Gameshark Codes:

Player One Always Wins

$365A4A08 5958

$365A4A0C 595A

Player Two Always Wins

$3E5A4A08 595A

$3E5A4A0C 5958