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Formula 1 CHEATS


At the Race Qualify screen, hold down Select and

quickly hit the following combinations:

Buggy Mode:

Right, Up, T, Left, Up, S, T.

Bike Mode:

Down, Up, C, T, Right, Up, S, T.

Gibberish mode:

Left, C, Up, Down, Down, Right, C, S, S.

Lava Mode:

S, C, Up, Right, Right, C, X.

Extra Track:

Left, C, C, T, T, C, Up, Right.

A message will appear in the bottom left if you get these right, and more than one can be entered at once. The Extra track will only be available if you've started and quit another race.

Gameshark Codes:

Lava Mode

$365D2D48 5959

Gibberish Mode

$365D2D47 5959

Bonus Track

$365D2D46 5959

Buggy Mode

$865D2D42 5959

Bike Mode

$865D2D42 5A5A

English Mode

$365D2D45 5959

French Mode

$365D2D4C 5959

German Mode

$365D2D4B 5959

Spanish Mode

$365D2D4A 5959

Italian Mode

$365D2D49 5959

Roving Camera

$365D2D50 5959

Arcade Mode Freeze Timer

$86623E84 6CAA