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Gran Turismo CHEATS


General Tips

Money In The Bank

You start the game with a pitiful sum of credits with which to buy yourself a car. Obviously when you start looking around you'll notice that you cannot afford a new one, which is why there are plenty of used cars to choose from. Although many are still out of your price range, there are a few within it. Have a good look around before buying. If you're unsure on which one to purchase, why not save your game, buy one, then if you don't like, reload your saved game, and try another one?


There are several garages to choose from: standard dealers like Nissan, Mazda and Toyota; to the more expensive garages like Aston Martin and Chevrolet. The standard garages - Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda/Acura, and Subaru - offer you new and used cars to choose from. However, the more upmarket garages - Aston Martin, Dodge (Chrysler), TVR, and Chevrolet - only offer you new cars.


One of the best elements in Gran Turismo is the ability to tune up your car with various bits and bobs. There are eight areas that can be modified, replaced, or enhanced: Muffler, Brake, Engine, Mission, Turbo, Suspension, Tyre, and Others. Each area has two, three, four, even five sub-areas in which to add race modifications to significantly improve your car's abilities. Usually you have Sports, Semi-Racing, and Racing mods, although you won't find much need for Sports mods, only Semi & Racing modifications.

The ultimate enhancement for your car is the racing modification. This marvellous overhaul totally revamps your car. Heavy parts are placed with lighter racing types and the bodywork receives a good going over; the car is decorated with sponsors, and in most cases a spoiler appears.

Although there are many tune-ups to make, the process of upgrading your car is simple. Many of the cars featured in Gran Turismo wouldn't normally be classed as racing cars, but upgrading them with racing modifications would change that to a certain extent.

Machine Test

Not a section that you'd use a great deal, but it does give you the opportunity to test your car's acceleration and top speed. If you have more than one car (garage holds up to 100), you can compare results amongst the cars you own.

Car Wash

Working at the car washÉyeah! Although the car wash plays no particular part to your success in GT, it does make a fantastic addition to the game - by way of cleaning your car. The amazing thing is, it does actually visually clean your car - totally cool!

Gran Turismo Foundation (GTF)

The Gran Turismo Foundation plays host to two sections of competitions: GT League and Special Event. Within these sections lie a number of Cup competitions to enter. To find out our route to success, read on.

Buying A Car

First off you need a car, and yes, this is definitely a personal preference thing, although there are a few which stick out.

When you start looking around you'll discover that there is no way on earth that you'll be able to buy a new one, just some tatty second-hander - but at least you'll be able to compete.

Out of all the used cars, your best bet would be the Mazda RX-7 GT-X. It's pretty fast with good handling and acceleration. Get yourself some soft/soft racing tyres if you have enough money left: they'll improve the car's grip. Now it's onto the League. Gran Turismo


When you initially start the arcade mode, you'll have the choice of six manufacturers' cars to choose from: Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Aston Martin, and Chevrolet. Within each manufacturer there are three classes of car: A, B and C; with the exception of Aston Martin and Chevrolet. So with all these cars to choose from, what is the best ride? (Ooh err missus!) Perhaps the following breakdown might send you in the right direction.

Arcade Mode

Bonus Items, Goodies

In the arcade mode there are a number of hidden items to be obtained, but revealing all of these wonderful goodies is a lengthy process - a major understatement! As you win your way through the huge task, new items will become available to you.

Extra Tracks (Easy Mode)

In order to reveal an extra four tracks (Autumnring, Deep Forest, SS R5, and Grand Valley Speedway) you need to win all three classes (A, B & C) on the first four tracks: High Speed Ring, Trial Mountain, Grand Valley East, and Clubman Stage 5.

Extra Cars (Easy Mode) Japanese Version

As you complete each new track (see above), you'll receive an extra car dealer to choose from. They are: Autumnring - Aston Martin; Deep Forest - Chevrolet; SS R5 - Chrysler Corporation; Grand Valley Speedway - TVR.

Extra Cars (Easy Mode) European Version

Like above, however, the extra dealers to choose from are: Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, and TVR.

Arcade Mode Ending Movie (Normal Mode)

In order to open up the ending credits, you need to win all eight tracks on all three classes. Once you have, you'll be able to select the credits time and time again for your viewing pleasure.

GT Hi-Fi (Hard Mode)

The final bonus item in arcade is this higher resolution mode. Although there are only three tracks to race

- Clubman Stage Route 5, Special Stage Route 5, and Special Stage Route 11 - it's still worth a good look.

Gameshark Codes:

Gran Turismo (Euro)"

Unlimited Money

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$865D0FCA D04F

B. License

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$B65A5756 595A

$165D361C 5C5B

A. License

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$B65A5756 595A

$165D3624 5C5B

A. International License

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$B65A5756 595A

$165D362C 5C5B

Unlock all goodies

$765BAF38 5959

$B6665756 595A

$165E6EA0 5556

Dumb Opponents

$766F8DD2 5973

$865D8E20 595A

GT Hi Fi Mode

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$865D4F34 5A59

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$865D4F32 5A59

All Gold Cups (Special Event)

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$B65D5756 595A

$165D4F38 5A59

Activate Garage

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$865D0FDE 59CC

Gimme Cars

$7659FB3A 5A5A

$B6C857B8 5959

$165D0D74 595A


"Gran Turismo (Jap Import!)"

Infinite Money

$865E345A 594F

B License

$B65A5756 595A

$165D5FAC 5C5B

A License

$B65A5756 595A

$165D5FB4 5C5B

A International License

$B65A5756 595A

$165D5FBC 5C5B

Unlock all goodies

$865DD870 5B5C

$B65B5756 5C5B

$865DD86E 595A

$B65E5756 595A

$865DD880 5C5B