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Heaven's Gate CHEATS


Hidden Character Codes:


To get Kurara


1. Go to arcade mode, go to Nanase.

2. Press Select, Up, Down, Down, L1 + L2, Start.

3. If you have done it correctly, you should see a quick flash of light.

4. To select between Nanase and Kurara use the Start button. Both characters

have two costumes.

To get Kyohya


You have to get Kurara first.

1. Go to Vs Mode, choose 1P, go to Verny

2. Press Select, Left, Right, Up, Down, R1 + R2, Start.

3. You know it works if you get a quick flash. If it doesn't work try

Select, Right, Left, Up, Down, R1 + R2, Start. I cannot remember exactly

whether it is Left first or Right first.

4. If successful you should get an extra character box on the left of Verny.