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Intelligent Qube CHEATS


Gameplay Holes:

These four tricks work on the Playstation Demo, I haven't tried them on the

full version.

1. If the unfired trigger is left in an area that is destroyed by a

green-cube blast, the cube above the trigger is protected. This will

effectively sheild black cubes from green blasts.

2. There is enough time in one cube flip to destroy multiple squares, and

all the blasts will count.

3. You can walk between cube rows while they're flipping, and put triggers

down. This is exceedingly dangerous, but highly effective.

4. About half the time when you hold the speed-up button while the last

cubes are falling on red blasts, the counter will not go over and the blocks

will be destroyed without costing you a move.

Hidden Player:

To play as Cynthia you must first clear the game's Final Stage and save it

to a memory card. Cynthia is fast than Eliot and thus easier to win with.

Make your Own Puzzles:

First, clear the Final Stage and save it to memory card. (If you do not have

a card, you will lose this when you turn the system off.) Now go into

Options and select Game Mode, Choose SYSTEM and press RIGHT to turn Original

Mode on. Exit Options and select the 1P game. You can now make your own


Note: You cannot view the rules, get an IQ, or play a 2P game in Original

Mode, but you can always switch it back to Normal mode by pressing LEFT at

the game mode option.

Play as Spike:

To play as Spike, beat the game with Cynthia and have an IQ over 400.