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Okay, so you prolly can't use these yet, bet they'll make you play like hell

to get them! You gain access to these only after you've unlocked all tracks

by winning a Full Season at Professional level. Once you accomplish this,

a bubble will appear on the title screen that says "Codes Enabled".

Now each time you beat the game with a different team, you will be given a

code by that team. Each team has 2 codes, and there is a final code presented

by the crew from Singletrac themselves. (nice portrait :) Need proof?

Check this out! Here are 8of the 9 codes, submitted by Jerry Hare

Super Agility: down,O,left,L1,left,right,left,right.

(this lets you pull tricks quick and easy)

Zero Resistance: square,L1,triangle,right,L1,down,R2,tringle

(i have no idea yet what this does,so if you figure it out let me know)

Double Stunt Points: right,up,O,L2,triangle,O,R1,R2

(the name says it all)

Show off camera enabled: triangle,down,square,triangle,L1,L1,R1,R1

(this really sucks,try it)

Air Brakes: R1,R2,right,L2,up,O,up,O

(very handy avoiding air wrecks)

Rocket Racer-triangle,up,up,L2,L2,up,up,up

(makes you run turbo speed all the time,you'll be winning cypruss track by

30 seconds with the right racer,it rocks!!!)

Unlimited Turbos: triangle,O,right,R2,up,square,up,triangle

(not much use but for acceleration with rocket code)

Ice Racing: up,R2,R1,right,L1,square,right,right

(makes everything slippery as ice,very hard)

2 Player Computer A.I.: Unknown