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Kileak the Blood CHEATS



To start with everything, at the title screen, press :

C six times and rotate the D-Pad three times, clockwise

from right.

Then hit:



When the intro comes up, push this combo

three times in less than five seconds:

T, T, Left, Right, S, S, Select, L1, L2 , R1, R2

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite wales gun

$865F9A2C 5A46

Laser gun on

$865F9A08 594F

Eritro crion gun on

$865F9A0C 594F

Zax gun on

$865F9A10 594F

Flamer on

$865F9A14 594F

Gaia gun on

$865F9A18 594F

Erosion on

$865F9A1C 594F

Veda gun on

$865F9A20 594F

Unlimited ammo

$865F9A34 5A46

Unlimited zax ammo

$865F9A38 5A46

Ulimited radar

$865F9A78 59B6

Unlimited erosion ammo

$865F9A44 5A46

Ulimited veda ammo

$865F9A48 5A4E

Unlimited Energy

$865F9AF8 5C42

Unlimited shields

$865F9AFC 5C42