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Life Force Tenka CHEATS


All Weapons:

Pause, hold L1 and press:

T, R1, T, S, R1, C, S, S. Then release L1.

Level Warp:

Pause, hold L2 and press:

C,C,S,T,R1,S,T,C. Then release L2

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Energy

$8655F428 59B6

$8655F426 5922

Infinite ammo

$8659EDBC 59BB

Infinite bell

$8659EDBA 5970

Infinite laser

$8659EDC0 5966

Infinite mines

$8659EDC2 5956

Infinite grenades

$8659EDC8 5956

Infinite missiles

$8659EDC6 5956

Have double shot

$8655F42E 5959

Have rapid fire

$8655F434 5959

Have simply laser

$8655F432 5959

Have double laser

$8655F438 5959

Have burst laser

$8655F436 5959

Have missile

$8655F43C 5959

Have grenades

$8655F43A 5959

Have mines

$8655F440 5959

Have 360 degrees radar

$8655F444 595B

Have laserpointer

$8655F448 5959