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Macross: Digital Mission CHEATS


Blue VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie:

Exceed 500 kills by the last mission, then select the VF-1X Valkyrie. It can only be used in the last mission.

Recover missiles:

Use Pad1 to pause the game then on pad 2, hold select and press

C x7, T, S, X and release select.

Recover special attack:

Use Pad1 to pause and on Pad 2, hold select and press:

S x7, T, C, X and release select.

Debug mode:

Complete the game and save. Highlight 'Continue' and hold Select+C for 10 secs.

The screen will go black.

Then unhold C but keep select held, and press C, X, S, T, C, X, S, T.