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Megaman 8 CHEATS


I will not reveal the ending, but I

have given the best weapons to use on the stage bosses here in a handy

quick reference chart. Also, I'm including a list of the Rush options,

special vehicles and options, and the powerup items that can be purchased

at Dr. Light's lab as well as hints on locating all the bolts. The two

Saturn-only characters, Cutman and Woodman, and the animation test code

for the Saturn version are included as well.

Rush Options:

There are four different Rush options that you can receive during the game.

Each option can only be used once per life and a counter will appear

under your life bar when you select the option. When the counter runs

out, Rush leaves. The four options are as follows:

Rush Cycle - Rush turns into a motorcycle that you can use to get past

areas faster and jump further. Won from the mid-stage boss in

Grenademan's stage (the Guardian Eye).

Rush Question - Rush will teleport in and give a single random powerup.

Won from the mid-stage boss in Clownman's stage (the Lion Coin).

Rush Bomb - Rush flies back and forth above you with an air raid where he

drops bombs repeatedly. Won from the mid-stage boss in Swordman's stage

(the Wall Gem).

Rush Charge - Rush flies back and forth dropping Life Energy and Weapon

Energy capsules. Won from the mid stage boss in Aquaman's stage (the

Waterfall Machine).

Extra Weapon - the Megaball

In the opening stage, you will be given the Megaball, a powerful weapon