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Megaman Legends CHEATS


Note: This game is also titled Rockman Dash.

Rolling invincibility:

Hold L1 or R1 and jump to roll to either side. Megaman will be

momentarily invincible during this time.

Unlimited money (method 1):

Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for

completing grade A . Repeat this as needed to earn as much money as


Unlimited money (method 2):

Locate the garbage can and pop can on the ground near the Jetlad Bakery

on the Shopping Street. Kick the can into the bakery and speak to the

woman inside to receive $1,000. This may be repeated to collect an

unlimited amount of money.

Bonus options:

Complete the game to unlock an additional option (in green) on the main

menu that allows the game to be played at a more difficult level. Defeat

the game under the new difficulty level to unlock another option (in

yellow) that allows the game to be played at an easier difficulty level,

with dash boots and full left arm weapon capability.

Control camera:

At various times during the briefing sequences, "Camera Change" and

"Camera Free" will be displayed. Press Square or Triangle to change the

zoom. Press Circle to change views. Press X to stop the scene.

Hint: Extra life:

Some opponents have small "lego men" pirates appear they are killed. To

get free energy cubes, shoot the "lego man" a couple of times with the

buster. Then, kick him after he's been taken care of. A life cube should

appear. You can kick him about three times and it will stop.