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Micro Machines V3 CHEATS


Big Bounce:

During the race press:

S, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Left, Down, Down

Double speed:

S, X, C, S, T, X, X, X, X.

Debug Mode:

S, Up, Down, Down, S, C, C, T, X.

Now you can do one of the following:

Select+X Quit race and automatically win.

Select+Up, Down, Left, Right Select camera angle.

Select+L2/R2 Zoom in/out camera.

Select + S Turn players car into CPU drone.

X+T+C+S Blow up all cars.

Tanks on all tracks:

Enter your name as TANKS4ME

Change car to object:

During race pause and enter:

Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left.

(Again changes the object)

Slow down CPU vehicles:

Pause during race and enter:

C, T, S, X, C, T, S, X.

Behind car camera:

Pause and enter:

Left, Right, S, C, Left, Right, S, C.

Nine lives in single player mode:

Enter CATLIVES as player name.

All tracks in multiplayer mode:

Enter GIMMEALL as Player name.

Floating objects:

S, T, S, S, T, S, S, T, X.

Turbo start:

Begin to accelerate just before second beep.

Three lives in multiplayer:

3LIVES as player name

No tank weapons in multiplayer:

NOTANKS as player name

Snow during trophy win:

WINTERY as player name

Default settings:

CONFETTI as player name.

Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Lives

$8655802E 594F