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Mortal Kombat Trilogy CHEATS


Access the ? screen:

Go to the options screen and highlight all of the four boxes.

Hold all of the shoulder buttons and then hold up.

If you hear a boom it has worked, and you can access the ? menu

in the options screen.

One button fatalities:

If you turn this option on in the ? menu (see above) enter the following for the effect:

HP: Brutality

HK: Fatality 1

LK: Fatality 2

R2: Animality

R1: Friendship

LP: Stage fatality

L2: Babality

Choose your background:

On the character select screen highlight Sonya and hold the start button.

Then press up on the control pad.

Play as Chameleon:

Pick either Human Smoke, Ermac, Classic Sub-Zero,

Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Rain or Reptile.

Before the round starts, hold:

Left + HP + HK + RU + BL.

Classic Characters:

To reveal four of the missing characters, Press select on the

character to get their previous incarnations: These characters are:

MK1 Kanu + Rayden

MK2 Kung Lao + Jax.

Random Select:

Press Up + Start at the select screen.