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Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 CHEATS


Turbo start:

Hold X when the yellow light comes on.

Top speed:

Hold down the reverse button while accelerating.

First Go to the Goodies screen. Each code requires 4 key combos.

Press and hold the following Combos together, pressing select while holding the keys to enter into each game. After each entry a character will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Extra Characters:

L1, L1+L2+R2, L1, R1+R2

Additional Tracks:

L1, R1, L1+R1, L1

Tank Combat:

L1+R1, L1, L1, R1+R2

Submarine X:

L1+R1, R1+R2, L1+R1, L2

Motor Toon R:

L1, L1+R2, R1+R2, R1.

Debug mode:

Goodies from main menu, then hold L or R and press Select. Then enter:

Extra tracks: 4174

Tank combat: 5463

Submarine XX: 5378

Where the numbers are:

R1 = 1

R2 = 2

L1 = 4

L2 = 8

(Any of the above two together for the sum. i.e. L1+R2 = 5)

Gameshark Codes;

Infinite coins

$866115EA 575A