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Last updated: 2/27/99 is dedicated to emulation on the Mac OS. Thanks to the sheer processing power of the PowerPC architecture, the Mac OS can support the most powerful emulation technologies with ease.

Tell me about any new emulators that you see, write, or hear about for the Mac OS.

What's New?

Sorry about the long delay between updates; I spent the last week studying for midterms.

ColEm has been updated to version 1.0.1! This version supports GZ-compressed ROMs, TV mode, InputSprocket, and NetPlay!

MacWindows, an excellent site related to Windows emulation, has posted an article showing what claims to be beta screenshots of Blue Label, a PC emulator that was discussed over a year ago, but was eventually written off as vaporware.

A page has finally been created for the Memotech MTX512.

After a domain-name struggle with ClassicGaming, the EMU News Service has moved to

Japanese versions of iNES 1.0 and fMSX 1.5.2 are now available.

French versions of MasterGear 1.2 and fMSX 1.5.2 are now available as well.

iNES 1.0 has been released! This version features compatibility with Vs. Unisystem and Famicom DiskSystem games, and has several critical emulation fixes.

TI-85 Emulator has been updated to fix a crashing bug with Mac OS 8.5.

MacMAME has been updated to version 0.35b31! This version supports several new ROMs, including Street Fighter 1!

A Rebirth mod called Regulator has recently been released. It requires the Rebirth CD but contains many impressive additions.

Happy Valentine's Day!

PowerST has been updated to version 0.2! This version fixes several bugs, adds new video modes, and has more accurate emulation.

Connectix Virtual Game Station is beginning to arrive in computer stores nationwide! Several boxes of CVGS were available at my local ComputerWare. Also, online vendors have now priced CVGS as low as $41.95!

The Virtual Game Station Compatibility List has been updated with several games that now work in version 1.1. With the most recent additions, the list now rates over 200 games!

A new site dedicated to CVGS, VGS Heaven, has just opened!

iNES 1.0 is coming very soon! This version will feature much-improved compatibility and Famicom Disk System support.

The UltraHLE saga continues to unfold. In a recent development, a user going by the alias of GossiTheDog ran a disassembler on the UltraHLE binary and released it on Dextrose, who then intentionally mislabeled the file as the UltraHLE C++ source code. As every developer knows, nothing could be further from the truth; this release is little more than the 80x86-based executable code stripped directly from the UltraHLE binary, and rewritten in an incomplete, pseudo-C syntax. By Gossi's own admission, the code fails to do anything productive, even on PCs--in fact, his plan is to salvage whatever he can from the core, then junk the rest and start a new emulator. Most importantly, keep in mind that UltraHLE's core is based entirely on Intel 80x86 dynamic recompilation, which cannot be ported in any way to PowerPC, even if the real source code were available. So to summarize, this event does nothing to further the cause of N64 emulation on the Macintosh.

For previous news, please visit the news archives.

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